You are restricted to downloading media from using different social media platforms. At this point, you need a downloader to save all these media directly on your device storage. Users can use their favourite downloaded stories with friends. Here is an incredible story saver available for you, FBDown. Users can use this fantastic downloader and get all the stories. In this post, you will learn all about the FBDown downloading process, features, and much more.

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How to Download Facebook Video

Facebook video downloader with best formats 1080p - 2K - 4K for free


Copy Video Link

If you want to download a video from Facebook, simply copy the link of the video you want.


Paste the Video Link

Paste the Facebook video url you want to download in the search box.


Download Fb video

Please be patient as our server processes and downloads the content to your device.

What Is FBDown?

FBDown is a fantastic app that you can use to download stories from any social media platform. Users can download stories from various social media platforms using this convenient platform. This app eliminates the restriction of downloading stories from a platform. For instance, you can download stories from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. Further, downloading is simple; you just need the story link, paste it into this app, and get the story.

Facebook Video Downloader

Availability and Requirements

This app is particular for Android users who can easily download it. This outstanding app is available on the Google Play Store. Android users can easily download this app on their phones. So, you can use the freemium version and its features free of cost. When using the accessible version of this service, you may face an ad issue that irritates you. If you want to use an ads-free service, you must get the premium unlocked version of this app. Users can use the FBDown on their phones. But for this, you need to grant some permission, and after this, you can install the app on your phone. You must update your device. It requires Android 5.0 or above.

Features Of FBDown Story Saver

This FBDown app has various outstanding features. These features make this app more stunning. The following are the details of all these features:

Easy and Simple To Use

FBDown is convenient to use and has a user-friendly interface. Unlike other apps, it has a straightforward downloading process. Users can effortlessly and quickly download the videos and stories on their devices. Users will not face any complexity or issues while using this app.

Superb Downloader for Social Media

FBDown downloader app is versatile; users can download videos and stories from various social media platforms, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. There is no need to install a separate downloader for each app. You can conveniently download the stories from any platform using this single app. Further, it helps to download not only stories but also you can download photos and videos from social apps.

Save and Reshare Downloads

FBDown is an incredible app; it provides downloading and resharing options. You will get the direct share option with the help of this platform. You will get the option to download and share various files with your contacts.

Optimised Uploads for Long Videos

You will face different challenges when uploading long videos. You will face issues when you try to upload any long video on Facebook or any other app. Story saver downloader offers the solution to your issue. It allows optimised uploads and limits of 1GB with a 1-hour duration. So it will make uploading more easy.

Tracker Download

The FBDown app helps you track your download history. So users can track and manage all the download records easily. You can quickly review your download content. Users can easily mark their favourite and keep them safe.

Premium Mod Features

If you want to experience ads-free downloader apps, you can use the FBDown downloader. It will provide you with all the premium features free of cost. Users can use this modded download version and enjoy downloaded stories from any platform.

How To Use FBDown Story Saver?

The use of FBDown is simple. Users can easily download any story. The following are using this app:

  • First, you must enter the app and choose the social network to work on.
  • After this, log in to the account to download the media.
  • Users can download stories, videos, and photos from these social media apps.
  • Users can use the re-up option to share and download the content.
  • You can also overcome uploading the media.
  • Users can also track the download and mark it as their favourite.
  • Lastly, you can use the premium features with the help of the Mod version of this downloader.

Final Remarks

FBDown downloader is the best solution for Android users. This downloader can download the stories and other media from different social media apps. This app has various capabilities and features. You will also get access to track the downloads and limit the uploads. Further, users can build their library and save media for watching offline. Using the premium app FBDown is recommended to access premium features.